Flying to Boise

Planning a flight to Boise, Idaho? Great choice. Boise is a great town in which to do business, spend leisure time, and connect to other adventures. We’ve put together some information that might be useful if you are flying to Boise with Gem Air. Check out places to stay, ideas on how to get around, and some options for your leisure time. Feel free to also check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Basic Information for Gem Air passengers flying to Boise

All Gem Air flights will arrive and depart from the Boise airport at the west end of the Boise terminal, near the west exit and baggage claim on the ground floor level. If you are flying to Boise with Gem Air, no TSA security checks are required; however, if you are connecting to a non-Gem Air flight out of Boise, you will have to check in with your airline and go through the normal TSA security.

Boise Ground Transportation Information

If you are flying to Boise and need some suggestions on how to get around, the following links highlight some options.
Car Rentals
Have a few hours and want to grab lunch in Boise downtown rather than wait at the airport? This is the bus route for you.

Hotel Options Near the Boise Airport

If you are flying to Boise and need a place to stay, start with this list of hotels near the Boise Airport.
Sleep Inn
Vista Inn
Airport Inn

Looking for things to do in Boise?

If you are flying to Boise and have some free time, check out the following links to get some ideas of things to do while you are in town.
Entertainment and Recreation
Boise Restaurants