Middle Fork Flights in Islanders

Private Boaters

We boat too. We can help you plan.

We’re boaters too. Let us help you plan your trip!

Our office staff has over 30 years combined experience on the river – we know the trip you’re taking, we know backcountry flying, and we can help you plan. Whether it’s by dropping some coolers at Indian Creek to lighten the loads off the top, or flying the whole group into an airstrip to avoid high water chaos or low water rocks, we’re here to make your trip just that much better. We’ve been flying some of you for decades, and we’re happy to be doing so again in 2017.

We’ve put this page together to help give you some starting information, but the best bet is to give us a call. Private trips vary quite a bit, and once we talk to you, we’ll have a better idea of the best way to help out your particular trip.

Something to keep in mind while considering flights: unless you have other arrangements, you’ll need to pay to have your vehicles shuttled. Depending on the number of vehicles being shuttled, many private boaters have found that flying out of Salmon can save money, as shuttles from Salmon to Cache Bar are cheaper than from Stanley. And if you get to Salmon a day early, you can shuttle your own vehicles, eliminating the shuttle cost all together.

Gem Air Planes

Cessna 206 Britten Norman Islander Cessna Caravan
Maximum Passenger Load* 4 9 9
Maximum Weight Load* 1000lbs 1600+lbs 2600+lbs
*Maximum weight and passenger load is not always available, depending on the airstrip and conditions. Please call to talk with us about your particular plans.

Shuttle Pricing

Note that these are not our prices. We’ve collected information from two great shuttle companies, and are listing that pricing below. If you are interested in hiring either of them, give them a call (contact info below).

2016 Shuttle Pricing
Route River Shuttles Blackadar Boating
Boundary Creek to Cache Bar $250 $300
Boundary Creek to Salmon $185 $225
Stanley to Cache Bar $235 $275
Stanley to Salmon $115 $150
Salmon to Cache Bar $110 $125

River Shuttles contact info: (208) 756-4188, shuttles@custertel.net
Blackadar Boating contact info: (208) 756-3958, blackadarboating@custertel.net