Idaho Backcountry Flights


Backcountry flying is an Idaho specialty. That’s because Idaho is home to the largest roadless wilderness in the lower 48, and if you want to get to the most remote nooks and crannies of the central Idaho mountains, flying is the way to go. Flying the Idaho backcountry not only gives you spectacular views, it is also an efficient way to access these gems of public land, and we’d love to help. Whether you are boating, hunting, fishing, backpacking, or looking for a place to just relax, we can work with you to make connecting to your Idaho backcountry experience easy and beautiful.

If you just want to relax in wilderness luxury, you are in luck. The Frank Church Wilderness and Idaho backcountry is home to a number of guest ranches that offer a variety of experiences. Give us a call and we’ll help get you to your dream destination.

If you don’t want to spend the night, but would like a morning scenic flight and breakfast at a lodge, let us know and we can set you up!

Guest Ranches

Diamond D Ranch
Flying B Resort Ranches
Middle Fork Lodge
Running Creek Ranch
Sulpher Creek Ranch

If you fly with us to Salmon and want to sneak away to a lodge nearby, take a shuttle to the Salmon River Lodge.

If you’re planning a backcountry backpacking adventure, we can get you to the middle of nowhere – fast! Be sure you are an experienced wilderness backpacker if you are planning a trip in the remote mountains. The Idaho backcountry is an amazing place to explore, and flying in (or out) lets you spend more time on the trail in some extremely remote territory. If you’re interested in what we can do to get you back there, let us know!
Idaho backcountry fishing is some of the best available. Take your rod and some camping gear and set yourself up for some magic. Get into places like Cabin Creek, Big Creek, and Indian creek, and explore what the Frank Church has to offer.
Looking to get to the hunt?

Our Cessna 206 and two Britten-Norman Islanders are perfect to connect you to your Idaho backcountry hunting adventures. The 206 will work to get smaller groups in, and the Islanders are perfect for bigger groups and gear, especially if you get what you are after and need to haul it out. Call us and we’ll help you figure out which airstrips and planes will work best for your group.

Looking for an outfitter? Check this hunting outfitter page to find what you need!

Rafting the Middle Fork and need to talk flights? We have a whole page just for you! Check out information for Private Boaters.

Idaho Backcountry Map

The map below is NOT a complete map of Idaho Backcountry strips, nor is it meant to be used for navigation! It does, however, mark a lot of the more common strips, and give you an idea of some of the backcountry locations into which we can get you and your group for whatever adventure you have in mind. Questions? Give us a call at (208) 756-7382.

Frank Church and Selway Bitterroot Wilderness Airstrips, and rivers