Salmon to Boise


Off-Season Flights Boise-Salmon

October through May
Summer flights are offered 7 days/week, but in the Fall, Winter, and Spring, we slow down. We are pleased to continue offering flights October-May on Mondays and Fridays. See below for times, but please always give us a call to check flight times before making firm travel plans, as we do make frequent adjustments.

Charter is always available for this route, if you’d like to fly a date/time/route we don’t offer regularly. Charter pricing tends to work best with larger groups of travelers. 

Please see our specific pages for Main Salmon and Middle Fork flights, or take a look at other backcountry options.


October-May Schedule for Salmon To Boise

Schedule: Oct 2023-May 2024


Salmon to BoiseBoise to Salmon
Depart SalmonDepart Boise
June – Mid September7days/weekcall for time options
Mondays (Oct-May)9:00am (arr 10:15am)3:00pm (arr 4:15pm)
Fridays (Oct-May)9:00am (arr 10:15am)3:00pm (arr 4:15pm)
Nov 22, 2023 9:00am (arr 10:15am)1:00pm (arr 4:15pm)
Dec 26, 20239:00am (arr 10:15am)3:00pm (arr 4:15pm)
Jan 2, 20249:00am (arr 10:15am)3:00pm (arr 4:15pm)
All other daysCharter AvailableCharter Available

NOTE: If you are looking for a summer flight, June-September 2023, call our office for available times,
or visit our Main Salmon or Middle Fork pages for basic info.

Need a Different Schedule?

Flights Boise to SalmonCall us and ask about a charter. With a small community like Lemhi County, scheduling multiple round trips every day of the week just doesn’t make sense (except in the summer, when we DO fly every day of the week!). We try to talk to potential customers and choose a winter schedule that we think will suit the highest percentage of people in the area, but it doesn’t work for everyone, every time. If you have a good sized group, charter can be a cost-effective way to fly, and YOU decide the schedule. 

Need to go somewhere other than Boise? Call us to see what we can do for you. 

Pricing for Salmon To Boise

One Way

Flight Between Salmon and Boise
$ 280 per person, one way
  • 35 lbs bags fly free with ticket
  • $1/lb for extra baggage
  • $50 Change or Cancellation Fee

Round Trip

Flight Between Salmon and Boise
$ 485 per person, round trip
  • 35 lbs bags fly free with ticket
  • $1/lb for extra baggage
  • $50 Change or Cancellation Fee
Save $55

Kid's Price

Flight Between Salmon and Boise
50% off
  • Available for kids 12 and under
  • Must fly with full-price adult
  • 35 lbs bags fly free with ticket
  • $1/lb for extra baggage
  • $50 Change or Cancellation Fee
  • Cannot be combined with other offers
  • Limit of two 50% tickets per booking/flight

Why Fly? Flying can save you...

Time: Ask yourself this when deciding whether to drive or fly: How much is your time worth? Aren’t you always wishing you had more time in your day? Whether you travel for business or pleasure, Gem Air flights can give you some of that time back. Some Gem Air flights save passengers over 7 hours of travel time. That’s worth something.

Money: Each trip is different, but you might be surprised at how cost-effective flying with Gem Air can be. For example, consider that you are less likely to spend as many nights in a hotel if you travel with Gem Air from Salmon to Boise. It’s possible for many business people to get to Boise with an early flight on Tuesday, do business, and fly back home on the evening flight. That means no hotel cost or expensive restaurant meal at all! Plus, you save gas money and wear and tear on your vehicle. Once you add in the value of your time, a flight starts to look pretty good.

Energy: Flying with Gem air also saves you travel fatigue. How many people step out of the car after hours of driving and feel great? If you need to make a good impression, don’t be the person that shows up to an important meeting bleary-eyed from watching for deer and rocks on the road. Look over your notes while you fly, and arrive fresh and well-prepared after a short Gem Air flight.

Salmon Information

Where to meet us in SMN

 Meet us in Salmon at 31 Hamner Drive (Google has it right). It’s about 5 miles south of Salmon, ID.

When to meet us in SMN

 Show up 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time, and you’ll be set. 

Parking and Ground Transportation in SMN

Airport Parking – When you fly with us, airport parking is free. Ask us for a parking pass at the front office. 

Stagecoach Inn Shuttle – If you are staying at this hotel, they will come pick you up when you land. 

Car Rentals with Quality Motors – This is the only car rental option we know of in town. Call (800) 432-7582.

Lemhi Ride – You can make a reservation for a ride Monday-Friday at a reasonable price. Call (208) 759-1875. 

SMN Area Information

Check out the Greater Salmon Valley Chamber’s Visitor Page for ideas on everything from where to stay to what to do while in town (think bike rides, history walks, good eats and drink).

Boise Information

Where to meet us in BOI

Meet us at the Boise Main Terminal. Go to the baggage claim area, and look around for a check in counter with a Gem Air sign above it. We’ll be right there!

When to meet us in BOI

 Show up 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time, and you’ll be set. 

We operate outside of TSA’s secure area, so there are no x-rays or security check-in for our flights. 

Parking and Ground Transportation in BOI

The Boise Airport’s website has the best info on BOI Parking and Ground Transportation.

Uber is also a good option in the Boise Metro Area. 

BOI Area Information

Get to know what Boise has to offer through Boise’s Visitor Website.