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Main Salmon Flights

Main Salmon Flights Round Trip Travel

Most people fly into and out of Boise, Idaho to connect to their Main Salmon rafting trips. After you get to Boise, you usually need to get to Salmon, where you meet your outfitter in the evening before the trip. The next day, you’ll bus to the put-in, and start your trip. Days later, at the end of your adventure, you take out and take the bus to McCall, Idaho. Then you need to get back to Boise.

Gem Air flights can get you from Boise to Salmon (an hour and 15 minute scenic flight) at the start of your trip, and from McCall back to Boise at the end of your trip.

Recommendations for Connecting from/to Other Airlines

Best Overall:
Arrival: We recommend you fly into Boise by 1:00pm the day before your trip. Why is this best?
Departure: We recommend you fly out of Boise after 12:00pm the day after your trip. Why is this best?

Other Options
Other Routes: We can fly any route between McCall, Boise, and Salmon in order to connect you to your trip. Call us with your needs and we’ll help you find a great solution.
Other Timing: We have a good idea of what times work for most people, but we can often accommodate other timing needs as well. Again, give us a call and we’ll help figure out what you need.


Why Fly?

It’s fast and easy: We got survey responses representing over 360 passengers, and 75% of respondents said they chose to fly because it saved them time and/or a long drive. Others said they thought it added to the adventure. And our passengers appreciated the end result: 99% said they would recommend Gem Air flights to a friend doing the same trip. That’s pretty good! Questions? Call us at (208) 756-7382.


A River Round Trip (Boise to McCall and McCall to Boise) is $395.
One-way between Boise and McCall is $190
One-way between Salmon and Boise is $225
One-way between McCall and Salmon is $190

Traveling with kids 12 and under? We know that can get expensive. To help, we have family pricing, which means kids 12 and under fly for half-price with a full-paying adult.

Note: Our per-person pricing includes up to 35 pounds of bags per-person. Because our planes are small and weight-limited, weight over 35lbs is charged at $1/lb.

Gem Air Boise Desk

Where to Meet Us

The Gem Air desk is located on the lower level of the Boise Main Terminal, right near baggage claim. When you arrive in Boise, head downstairs to grab your bag if you have one, and look around – our waiting area will be on the West end. If no one is there, don’t panic! Your pilot will meet you 15 minutes prior to departure time. If you’ve been waiting and no one has shown up, give us a call at (208) 756-7382 and we’ll get it sorted out.